ZIMMERLI mbar pressure regulator

Low pressure regulators for inerting and for protective gas blanketing of the company ZIMMERLI MESSTECHNIK AG regulate the pressure automatically, highly precise and without auxiliary energy. In addition to protective and inert gases for isolating processes from atmospheric oxygen, pure liquids can also be controlled. For this purpose, either combination devices or separate devices for pressure reduction and pressure maintenance are available. ZIMMERLI controllers stand for process safety, environmental protection, careful use of resources and minimal environmental emissions.

Inert gases have an inerting or insulating effect and usually consist of nitrogen (N2). Oxygen in the air would pose a dangerous or permanent explosion hazard in processes involving hydrocarbons, for example. Oxygen and humidity in other processes could lead to oxidation and as a result adversely affect the final product.

Pressure regulators contribute to environmental protection
ZIMMERLI low-pressure regulators prevent process gases from entering the atmosphere in undesirable quantities and thus make an important contribution to environmental protection. Consequently, these devices are mainly used in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries for inerting and blanketing process liquids with protective gases between -1000 and +2500 mbar.
Differential pressure regulators reduce inert gas consumption

All ZIMMERLI low-pressure regulators are essentially differential pressure regulators that keep the superimposed pressure (differential pressure) in a process constant on the basis of atmospheric pressure. Controller combinations are available for positive pressure, dome pressure, negative pressure and dynamic pressure superposition. Thanks to the coordinated control behaviour between the reducer and the overflow, the consumption of protective gas can be reduced by up to 90 percent. Modern tanks, centrifuges, process or storage vessels are usually equipped with two ZIMMERLI regulators. One device serves as a pressure reducer (inert gas injection) and the second device as an overflow device (pressure maintenance device). The design of the two devices is chosen in such a way that the maximum possible filling and emptying speed of the process liquid is reliably controlled while the desired inert gas pressure relative to the atmosphere is always kept constant. The superposition can be realised both in the overpressure and in the negative pressure range.

Hydrostatic pump

In addition to pure inerting, dynamic pressure superimposition can also be used to pump high-purity liquids in particular without contact and without gaps (hydrostatic pump). The dynamic pressure control between -1000 and +2500 mbar is carried out either manually via corresponding pilot controllers or computer-controlled and for the Ex-area in intrinsic safety. Depending on the requirements, ZIMMERLI low-pressure regulators are available in stainless steel 1.4571, Hastelloy C or plastic. This results in almost unlimited application possibilities in terms of long-term stability and chemical resistance. Applications are on storage tanks, reactors, process vessels, centrifuges and nutsches. In addition to nitrogen, the same regulators can also be used for other gases such as natural gas, methane gas, biogas, hydrogen or pure liquids. All regulators made of metal are alternatively available with ATEX approval. Fields of application are for example: Inerting, tank ventilation, pressure maintenance, vacuum breaking, hydrostatic pump, explosion protection, environmental protection, air pollution control and personal protection.

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