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Schwebekörper Durchflussmesser

ZIMMERLI: The ROTAMETER®, variable area flowmeters

for simple and cost-effective flow measurement of gases, liquids and steam without auxiliary power. Rotameter® are now recognised throughout the world as reliable flowmeters for liquids, gases and steam. In over a


ZIMMERLI mbar pressure regulator

Low pressure regulators for inerting and for protective gas blanketing of the company ZIMMERLI MESSTECHNIK AG regulate the pressure automatically, highly precise and without auxiliary energy. In addition to protective and inert gases for isolating processes from


Hygienic process connections - An overview

As an expert in hygienic process connections, LABOM supplies industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and biotechnology. But what actually makes a hygienic process connection? Above all, good cleanability and the


Pressure regulator for high flow rates (up to Cv 40.3)

The TESCOM series PH is part of the Pharmpure product range and is USP class VI as well as BPE certified for very high flow rates. The compact, single-stage ultra clean gas controllers have a wide acceptance in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors for

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