Pressure regulator for high flow rates (up to Cv 40.3)

The TESCOM series PH is part of the Pharmpure product range and is USP class VI as well as BPE certified for very high flow rates.

The compact, single-stage ultra clean gas controllers have a wide acceptance in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors for gases, liquids and steam.

A large number of elastomers in the part of the regulator, which comes into contact with the medium, ensures gas purity and tightness.

- Ideal for the use of purge gases and clean steam for disinfection
- Pressurisation of vessels and containers

Product features and benefits:
- Flow coefficient Cv = 0.02 to 10
- Gylon® diaphragm, low pressure drop, high flow rates
- Five outlet pressure control ranges
- Precise pressure control up to 17.2 bar
- Welded Tri-Clamp connections, flanges according to DIN 11864 and
Pipe socket as standard, other connection types on request
- Sealing materials comply with USP Class VI
- Construction according to ASME BPE 2009

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