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ZIMMERLI: The ROTAMETER®, variable area flowmeters

for simple and cost-effective flow measurement of gases, liquids and steam without auxiliary power.

Rotameter® are now recognised throughout the world as reliable flowmeters for liquids, gases and steam. In over a million installations, our variable area flowmeters have proven their worth. Rotameter® are truly modular devices: through a variety of cone shapes, floats, scales, process connections and options. This means that a Rotameter® from ROTA-Yokogawa can also be easily adapted to your application.

The main features and characteristics

  • Patented float blockage detection
  • Measuring range end value liquid 0.025 - 130 m3/h
  • Measuring range end value gas 0.75 - 1400 m3/h
  • The world's only linear measuring tube
  • All Ex approvals
  • SIL for limit switches
  • Up to 1000 bar and -200°C to +400°C

Rota-Yokogawa variable area flowmeters offer maximum safety, flexibility, economy and precision. So play it safe!

ROTAMETER® for simple glass applications

  • With glass cone with analogue scale, valve and MIN/MAX switches (ATEX/NAMUR)
  • For low flow rates from 0.002 l/h water, or 0.2 l/h air
  • Low pressure drop for gas applications
  • Flange: DN15...65 / 1⁄2...2 1⁄2″; also NPT, G, from 1⁄4", hygienic connections etc.
  • Temperature/pressure: -20...+130°C; max. 16 bar

ROTAMETER® made of all-metal or PTFE lining for real challenges

  • Modular design from mechanical display up to 4...20 mA/HART®7, FF, and summation counter
  • Up to 3 limit contacts according to ATEX and NAMUR
  • Maximum flow rate 0.025 - 130 m3/h water, or 0.75 - 1400 m3/h air
  • Flange: DN15...150 / 1⁄2...6″; also NPT, G, hygienic connections etc.
  • Temperature from -200°C to +400°C; max. 1000 bar

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