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Zimmerli Regler Technischer Verkaufsmitarbeiter Messtechnik
What do you think about us bringing the trade fair to you?

What do you think about us bringing the trade fair to you?

Our strength is personalised advice - we are also happy to visit you on site and take the time to do so. We are experts in the fields of measurement and control technology and can be proud of 50 years of company history with extensive expertise.

Our experienced colleagues will analyse your specific needs and work with you to develop customised measurement and control technology solutions for your requirements. This allows you to find the optimum solution for your process quickly, conveniently and precisely.

Highest precision, safety and reliability - we present a comprehensive range of first-class products that fulfil the highest quality standards in the highly regulated pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and food & beverage (F&B) industries.

A cross-section of our portfolio:
- Flow measurement
- level measurement
- pressure control
- Weighing technology
- Pressure measurement
- temperature measurement

Your advantages:
- Personalised advice on site
- Customised solutions for your requirements
- Fast and convenient implementation
- Maximum precision, safety and reliability
- Comprehensive product range
- Free advice

Secure your free consultation appointment now! We look forward to hearing from you and look forward to hearing from you.

Tel: +41 61 645 98 00

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