Thermatel TD1_2

Product type

Filling level / flow

Product category:



Liquid, Separating layer

Industrial requirements:


Measuring range

up to 3.3m

Temperature range

up to 450 °C

Pressure range

up to 207 bar

Product Data Sheet

Thermal mass flow limit switches from MAGNETROL® / AMETEK® are characterised by their robust design and high flexibility. The electronics to the probe are offered in a compact or separate version up to 150m.

The Thermatel® TD1/TD2 operate without moving parts and can be installed in horizontally or vertically laid pipes and can thus be used for numerous flow applications.
Trends and errors can be determined via the current output. The adjusted switching point is evaluated by means of output relay contact 1x DPDT or with the help of a specific non-linear mA value.
For level applications, the output of 3.6 mA (failsafe low level) or 22 mA (failsafe high level) is available for diagnosis in case of instrument failure.

The units are available with different sensor types such as CIP probes, low-flow compact sensors and high-temperature or high-pressure probes for water or viscous liquids.
Continuous diagnostics, automatic temperature compensation, narrow hysteresis and fast response time are part of the modern on-board technology of thermal mass flow limit switches.

The Thermatel® TD1/TD2 are available for weatherproof applications or for use in potentially explosive atmospheres with ATEX approval.

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