Rotameter RAGK Durchfluss

Product type


Product category:



Liquid, Gas

Industrial requirements:

ATEX, TR CU 004, TR CU 020

Measuring range:

0.002 - 6300 l/h

Nominal diameter:

0.25 - 0.375 inch

Temperature range:

-20 - 130 °C

Pressure range:

0 - 3 bar

Product Data Sheet

The ROTAMETER® - variable area flowmeter - is the oldest, most sophisticated and most cost-effective measuring principle for over 100 years. It is used for volumetric flow measurement of liquids, gases and steam.

Since their market launch in 1908, variable area flowmeters have become indispensable for industrial measurements in various industries, such as chemicals and pharmaceuticals, the food and beverage industry, laboratory applications, water treatment plants, building automation, monitoring of heating and cooling circuits...

Standard ROTAMETER® consist of float, conical measuring tube made of glass, process connections and flow scale. Installation in a vertical pipeline is carried out by means of screwed connections or flanges.

Variable area flowmeters are defined according to the VDI/VDE guidelines and have a measuring range ratio of 1:10.

The flow rate of the glass ROTAMETER® is displayed at the corresponding height in the measuring glass. The scale, which is parallel to the measuring tube, shows the exact flow rate as a function of density and viscosity, or pressure in gas applications.

The integrated needle valve is used for fine adjustment of the flow rate. The sophisticated and special design allows the measuring glass to be replaced without removing the complete ROTAMETER® from the pipeline.

All glass ROTAMETER® units are equipped with bistable inductive ring initiators or reed switches for limit value detection.

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